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Goss Family Consulting For Carpet Cleaning

Goss Services LLC is a Business Brokerage & Consulting firm that offers many tools to enhance your carpet cleaning business and prepare for an exit strategy. We have founded, operated and sold several successful businesses as well as helped and directly benefited from numerous mergers and acquisitions. Are you ready to take control of your business goals and grow into an entirely different level?  Do you need hard truths on your business and would like to strategize an exit plan ? -Call us today and we can set up a confidential meeting to assist in accomplishing your goals.


Business Consulting For Carpet Cleaners

Business Plans

We can customize business plans designed for you specific business finished and completed with market data and research in less than a week.

Start-up Assistance

Financing-loans, credit & strategies to buy a business. We can channel your business to the right Certified Public Accountant to assist you in forming an LLC or DBA or whatever is best for your specific business. We can provide you with expert advice on start-ups and managing your growing business. We are committed to your business success from operating guidance ,capital funding to technology assistance, our resources can help your business get off to the right foot.

Media and Social

We can provide you turn key Integrated social media platforms combined with the latest social tools to help your business grow. We provide turn key and also provide social media maintenance where your business stays in front of clients constantly and takes none of your time.

Logos and Websites

Your #1 source for professional logo design, web design, and much, much more. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Full Marketing Campaigns We hold a strong partnership with some of the best marketing companies in the country.


Increased Profit Margins

Every company faces the question on how to improve profit margin. There are basically two ways to improve profit margin: Increase revenue or cut operating expenses. Call us for a consultation on helping you form a plan for maximum profit.

Fixed Costs Reduction

Most companies are being overcharged with fees and charges. We can run a full confidential review on your business costs and share with you ways you can save money.

Long Term Goals

Are you planning ahead to strategize how much money your small business may be worth in tomorrows market? We can help assist you with a short list and long term goal plan to improve your business and increase your bottom line.



There are many reasons to have an up-to-date business valuation. For example: You may need to sell the business due to retirement, health or for family reasons. You may need debt or equity financing for expansion or have cash flow problems. Potential buyers, investors and financers will want to see the business has sufficient worth. Regardless of the reason, how much your business is worth depends on many factors, from the current state of the economy to your business balance sheet. To ensure that you set and get the best price when you are selling a business, We recommend getting a business valuation done by our Business Broker using our value building software. Are you curious about how much money your small business may be worth in today’s market? Are you wondering about how to possibly value and price an existing business for sale? Or are you thinking about buying an established company and want to research the possible mark values before making an offer? We can provide you with an accurate business valuation.

Exit Strategies

What is an ‘Exit Strategy’ Regardless of the type of business investment, trade or business venture that is entered into, an effective exit strategy should be planned for every positive and negative contingency. This planning should be an integral part of determining the risk associated with the investment, trade or business venture. This alone will play a major part in how much your business is worth when it comes time to sell. Exit Strategy for a Business Venture In the case of a startup business, good business people always plan for a comprehensive exit strategy in case business operations do not meet predetermined milestones. If cash flow draws down to a point where business operations are no longer sustainable and it is no longer feasible to maintain operations, then a planned termination of operations and a liquidation of all assets are sometimes the best options to limit any further losses. Most venture capitalists usually insist that a carefully planned exit strategy is included in a business plan before committing any capital. Business people may also choose to exit if a very lucrative offer is tendered by another party for the business.

Business Brokerage

We connect buyers and sellers! Goss Services LLC Business Brokerage can help you increase your business value! We can help you through all points of maximizing your business. Whether you plan on selling or buying a business, we have partnered with business experts with a very broad range interested parties to allow us to channel and connect our clients and close the deal.


We offer credit and debit card processing for companies of all sizes

We specialize in Virtual Terminals

Our objective is to offer merchants a level of professionalism and service no other payment processor can equal. We endeavor to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. Our rates start at 1.09% (Swiped Merchants) and 1.79% (Keyed Merchants). Our rates and fees depend on what type of business you have, swiping cards versus keying cards, which card types you are accepting, and more. We specialize in virtual terminals. For more information about our Credit Card Processing and virtual terminals. Please call us at (423)-362-2548

What you get when you open a merchant account with us?
NO Statement Fee, HIGH Approval RateA+ BBB Rating, RATED Top Ten Merchant Provider, LOWEST Rates in the Industry, SUPERIOR Customer Service, SAME DAY Approval, Support.

Cody Goss Chief Executive Officer

We understand business and that businesses vary between industries and clients. Please allow us to help your business reach it’s maximum potential by allowing us to provide you with our services and reach your goals! Call us at (423)-362-2548




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